Granular 0.25 features

The features of this Linux distro that make it unique from the others:

  • Granular comes as an installable LiveCD. That means if you only want to try Granular out, running it in the Live mode is the way to go. A LiveCD is one that makes the whole operating system run off the CD, without having to be installed on the hard disk. So, none of your already existing installations on the hard disk would be touched.
    A LiveCD also comes handy in case of a boot failure in your computer. By booting Granular from the LiveCD, you can have access to your hard disk and other peripherals to correct this problem in such a situation.

    (Note: Using Granular in Live mode is a slow process than using it in the installed form)

  • Useful Information
  • Now explore two environments in a single Linux CD. Accompanying the default desktop environment for Granular, that is KDE, is XFCE from this version onwards. While KDE is the most customizable environment with unlimited features, XFCE, on the other hand, is fast, sleek and light on resources (but lacks in customizability options and certain features to make up for the faster speed, but these never come in the way to enjoying it to the full). XFCE gives an entirely different feel and look as compared to KDE.
  • To satisfy all your multimedia needs, Granular has a carefully selected set of applications that make sure you don't have to search here-and-there for the necessary codecs. The multimedia apps include players like Amarok, JuK, VLC Player, XMMS, Kaffeine.
  • The Granular System Information Utility provides a one click access to all the information regarding you system and network.
  • The GIMP is a powerful tool to manipulate images.
  • Though Linux is and always be virus-free, Granular includes the GUI front-end to the very successful antivirus for the UNIX and Linux platform - ClamAV. (Note: The GUI front-end for ClamAV is KlamAV and it provides the scanning of your system only when Granular is installed on the hard disk)
  • If you want to install some more applications at any time, the Synaptic Package Manager makes it a job of some clicks to get your favorite application package installed in Granular from the online repository. (Note: During the development stages of Granular, Synaptic will point to the PCLinuxOS repository)
  • For your daily office needs, the KOffice suite is included that helps you create your documents, presentations and spreadsheets with a no-alien feel.
  • For the safest of web browsing experience, Mozilla Firefox comes as the default browser for Granular. Check your e-mails through the very powerful e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird, chat with your friends through the multi protocol based GAIM and make your downloads easily manageable through MultiGet, gFTP & KGet. Talk to your friends through internet telephony (VoIP) with the help of Skype.
  • A set of carefully selected games have been included that entertain you when you feel bored.

Explore all this packed in just a CD.
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