The 2008 repository

Today is the release date of Granular 1.0 Preview, and on this auspicious occasion, I am pleased to announce the 2008 repository of Granular, on which this release is based. You can add this repository in Synaptic Package Manager, using the following information, to get access to the latest RPM packages in the Granular's Repository:

Distribution: granular/2008
Section(s): e17 kde main extras

(In the "Section(s)" field, you can optionally add the "test" section as well if you want to have access to the latest packages that are not yet ready for prime time. These packages usually include the latest/unstable releases of packages.)

Announcing Esto Vox, the next Granular release

Team Granular is pleased to announce that the codename for the upcoming release of Granular has been decided. The codename was suggested by one of our Community Forums staff members, Aquafire, and was agreed upon by the others (forum staff members).

The codename for the next Granular release, Granular 1.0, is Esto Vox. Esto Vox means "Let us speak (together)". Just as a reminder, in case you don't know, the codename for the last Granular version, Granular 0.90, was Esto Vello. So, we are continuing the Esto series with the same "V" alphabet next to "Esto".

Celebrating Granular Linux's 1st anniversary

I am happy to announce that today, 31st of December, is the 1st birthday of Granular. On this very day, I want to THANK all the team members, ex- team members, contributors, forum members & mods, critics, and all the users, who helped me make the dream of Granular Project come true one year ago.... [more]

Join the discussion on this topic here, at the Granular Community Forums.

You can help spread the word by using these graphics at your blog, website, forum profiles, and anywhere you like:

Mission Artwork for Granular II kicks off

To facilitate the artwork development for the next version of Granular, Mission Artwork for Granular (or just MAG) has been started for the second time.

To know more about it or to participate in MAG Season 2, please visit:

Granular's first own repository released

I am happy to announce that Granular's first indigenous repository is being released. As of now, this is relatively small repository with the main focus of giving the Linux kernels.

Here is the information for the new repository:

Distribution: granular/2007
Section(s): main

For further and detailed information, please check here.

Granular Linux website back again

I am pleased to announce that the Granular Linux website, which was recently down, is up again. But this time, we have shifted the server (and the hosting company). The new domain is now:

So please update your address books, bookmarks, your memory, and anything where you store the web addresses, to reflect this little change.

Thank you for your patience.

VMWare image of Granular FunWorks 2007 available

A special VMWare image of the latest version of Granular, FunWorks 2007, is available for download now. We heartly thanks bagvapp for providing it.

You can download the VMWare image from:

For those of you who do not know what this VMWare thing is all about, please check the bagvapp site here: temporarily down (SOLVED; UP NOW)

Due to some bandwidth issues, the main website of Granular Linux ( is temporarily down. We are currently in process of talking to the hosting company and hopefully, the website will be up soon. The currently affected websites include:

Granular Linux:
Granular Community Forums:
Granular News:
Granular Screenshots Gallery:

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Granular FunWorks 2007 released

I am happy to announce the availability of Granular FunWorks 2007 (FW2007), the DVD extension of the successful v0.90. Apart from the size of the distro, much has changed from the previous release. This is a more stable, improved and feature-rich release. For more information, check the main release post at the top of the opening page page.

First patches released for Granular 0.90

For the purpose of fixing certain bugs, like the Java plugin problem in Firefox, cramped up fonts in the Menu in regular user accounts, two patches have been released in the form of grl packages. Installing them is easy. Check out for more details.