Forums updated to SMF v2.0.2

Not much of a big news: the aging SMF 1.x series installation for our forums had started to result in a huge influx of spam accounts and posts. Although there are mods that block spam content in SMF 1.x, upgrading to the latest and greatest version of the forum software became sort of imperative as it's always better to apply these mods on a more recent and secure installation.

Forum user registration is still disabled, though, due to persistent spam account registrations. When I get some time, I'll apply those spam-blocker mods to get rid of the annoying issue once and for all!

Old forum members will also notice the change in the default theme of the forums. As the previous (and gorgeous) theme Fg:.:Zm isn't compatible with SMF 2.x, I was left with no option but to change the theme to a similar looking and more compatible one. I'll work to make this theme (or perhaps some other one?) as similar to the previous one as possible.

In the meantime, if you need to get your self registered on the forums, just drop us an email, titled "Granular Forum Account Registration" at admin [at] granularproject [dot] org, and don't forget to mention your desired username. You can even use the contact form for the same.

Thanks for bearing with us!