Latest developments at Granular

Things were silent in the project for some months, when until recently, the team got together to discuss plans for Granular 2 (Wolverine). And we did not just discuss plans for the next release of Granular, we have started development for it already. Some extensive amount of efforts have been spent in designing the logo for Granular 2, and I can say, it's about to be finalized. Based on the new logo, the graphics team will shortly start working on the artwork for Granular 2. All I can say right now about the logo is - it's looking good. :)

Further, we are done with KDE packaging. The version which will be part of the first beta of Granular 2 will be 4.4.0. And just to remind you, Granular 2 will be based on Unity 2010.

With it, stay tuned for more updates. We assure you we are be working hard behind-the-scenes to make your favorite distro even better.