Become a part of the Granular Artwork Team

Team Granular is looking for some brand new and refreshing artwork for the next Granular Linux release. If you have a creative mind that is always ready to reflect the best of your work, then you can be a part of the Artwork Team within Team Granular.
Artwork included everything ranging from wallpapers, icons, icon themes and anything you like to enhance Granular's look-and-feel and experience.
To tell us that you want to join, contact at:

Join us now to make Granular Linux the most easiest to use Linux distro.

Granular 0.25 features

The features of this Linux distro that make it unique from the others:

  • Granular comes as an installable LiveCD. That means if you only want to try Granular out, running it in the Live mode is the way to go. A LiveCD is one that makes the whole operating system run off the CD, without having to be installed on the hard disk. So, none of your already existing installations on the hard disk would be touched.
    A LiveCD also comes handy in case of a boot failure in your computer. By booting Granular from the LiveCD, you can have access to your hard disk and other peripherals to correct this problem in such a situation.

    (Note: Using Granular in Live mode is a slow process than using it in the installed form)

A set of sounds required for the next Granular release

The next release of Granular is expected to be accompanied by a unique & exclusive set of sounds for the K Desktop Environment. More stress is being laid on the login (startup) and logout (end session) sounds.

Anyone interested in contributing for the set of sounds can freely upload sounds here.
You may upload single sound files or even the complete sound set (in this case, it is better to zip/tar the complete set before uploading) in any format e.g., .mp3, .wav, .ogg.