Esto Vello Released

The final version of Granular v0.90, codenamed Esto Vello, is now available. For more details, check out the main news post above.

Esto Vello release delayed

The release date of Granular v0.90, code-named Esto Vello, has been extended to the last week of June. Before the final release, a test version of v0.90 will be released in the first week of this month, June.
For more information, check out:

The new Granular logo is on

Many of you must have noticed it already. The new Granular logo is on & active on the Granular Project website and the soon to be launched Granular Newsletter website. The new logo is a herd of four penguins around a circle (or somewhere around a 'G'). This new logo will star in Esto Vello. The logo is yet to be named.

The logo has been prepared by one of the finest members of the Artwork team -- Joonas Pääkkö a.k.a. SommU. Nice work SommU!

Granular Tour has put together a wonderful tour of the 0.25 release of Granular.


Thanks to !!!

Granular v0.25 Installation problem fix

On some investigation, we found that there is some problem in the installer itself which prevents the installation of Granular LInux onto hard-disk. Some of the files related to the installer - draklive-install have been found to be corrupt. The solution to this problem is:

1. Log into Granular Linux through the usual LiveCD mode.
2. Make settings in the Granular Control Center to get connected to the internet.
3. Download the installation fix (patch) from


The Granular Linux website ( may take some time to load. It is due to a server fault on which it is hosted. We are working on to correct the problem and hopefully, it will solve soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
-- Team Granular

Granular Handbook is now online

One of the sub-projects of the Granular Project - Granular Handbook has been made available for download and online reading.
Get or read it from here.

Granular Packages development

The next version of Granular Linux would ship with the all new concept of Granular Packages (grl). This concept is aimed at easing the installation of new softwares (packages) in the Granular system of a user. Contrary to the source tar packages, which require to be compiled, built & installed by the end-user, the grl packages are pre-built packages ready to be installed through the granular command-line utility (Granular Installation Tool [GIT]).

Hunt for the new logo begins

Team Granular is looking forward for a brand new logo for Granular Linux and the Granular Project. If you can conceive an apt logo for the both, then you can submit the logo at the Forum under the "Other Artwork" Section.

Contact for more details at:

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