Granular is now a member of the OIN initiative

The Granular Project has been quite silent since the past few months. The developers and other team members have been kept engaged in their respective day-to-day real life works/jobs. But as we've been telling time-and-again, you can expect a power-packed comeback in the next couple of months as we resume the development of Granular 2 then.

Now for the most recent update. I am glad to announce that Granular has joined the Open Invention Network (OIN) initiative as a licensee, becoming a part of their already many members strong list of licensees.

To make the long story short, Granular Project has agreed to not use its Linux related patents (shall we come up with some in future) against other members of OIN to help maintain a positive and amicable ecosystem of trust within the Linux world. And this also applies to the other members of OIN. So, in all, there is every reason to be proud to be part of such an initiative, whose founding members include some well established names in the open-source arena - IBM, Red Hat, Novell, and more.