Granular 2 gets a codename - Wolverine

Recently, a discussion was held among the members of Team Granular to decide the codename for the next version of Granular in order to start the development of Granular 2. A need was felt to follow a well-defined naming scheme for not only the codename for Granular 2, but all the future releases as well. And as it turned out, we all found ourselves agreeing to the X-Men alter ego names.

I was suggested that we begin naming from the senior-most and well-known members of the X-Men team, and later move to the lesser-known members. That's why the name Wolverine.

In another update, we have already started packaging for Wolverine.


Granular Wolverine theme

Hi all,
are you also preparing some "unique" wolverine theme and wallpaper?

I thinking about something like some standard wallpaper or maybe metal plate (? brushed aluminium) with Wolverine claws scratch and Granular logo and codename.

In case of interest, I can try to create one :-)

PS: I have already some graphics in my deviantart gallery:


We're on the move!!

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